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Honor Bound: Book 4

Released February 26, 2022

Colleen Stormbeck is dead – and with her, the brutal Stormbeck syndicate. Isaac’s family has barely escaped her captivity with their lives as they limp north, and one of them is clinging to life still.

The family finds comfort, safety, and stability in the north for the first time. All they want is a life of quiet recovery, of blossoming relationships, and of strengthening old ones. Even Gavin Uriah – who has returned to the north in secret amid rumors of his death – finds his true place in the family at last.

But even this quiet life is short-lived. The family finds themselves pulled back into the plight of the refugees they have spent their lives saving, and in doing so draw the attention of the most powerful man in the north: the mayor of Crayton.

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Honor Bound Series

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Honor Bound: Book 1

The war against the syndicates is over. Anyone who remains knows to keep their heads down, or risk torture and death. 

Isaac has spent his life doing everything he can to strike back at the cruel syndicate families that destroyed his life. His rebel group travels the country sabotaging the vicious Stormbecks, the syndicate that controls the region with an iron fist. 

When Sam, the group's youngest member, is kidnapped and tortured by the Stormbecks' son, Isaac and his ragtag family launch a mission to rescue Sam, and Isaac makes a choice that will shatter all their lives forever.

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Honor Bound: Book 2

After surviving the cruelty of the brutal Stormbeck syndicate, all Isaac and his family want to do is rest. The rebels find themselves on the run again after Tori and Vera escape capture at Stormbeck hands. Gray, the team’s leader, recovers from a grave wound, and they must now leave the fight they lived for so long.

The family has a new mission: to make it out of syndicate territory alive. They must head north, where there are rumors of whole regions free from syndicate control. With so many of the family broken, they need to find a safe place to build a new home.

Despite this newfound hope of safety, Isaac finds himself reeling from memories of his own torture, and the torture of his family. He’s haunted by his past, and by the family who abandoned him. When a familiar face appears, the team is thrown into a world that could prove to be as dangerous as the one they escaped.

front cover book 3.jpg

Honor Bound: Book 3

During their three months in the safety of the north, Isaac and his family had time to rest and heal from their wounds. Even Gavin Stormbeck, now Gavin Uriah, has been accepted into the family, though he lives under the threat of death if he ever leaves the family’s protection.

But in the south, another threat is brewing. Colleen Stormbeck, Gavin’s mother, has taken control of the region and rules it with the same brutality that her husband did. The team knows their new mission: they must go south and stop Colleen, by any means necessary.

Despite still healing from his own trauma at the hands of his parents, Gavin goes south with the others to help make things right. He knows the danger he faces when he returns to the family he was born into – but could never imagine how far he must go to save the family he chose.

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Short Fiction and Poetry

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Erato: Flash Fiction

Darkness, Heat, and Light

An anthology of sensual stories that engage readers’ minds, stimulate the senses, and make pulses race–that swiftly beguile us and offer rapid satisfaction, but will also leave us thinking about them days, or years, afterward.

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America's Emerging Poets

Family Photo

The American West is a modern-day tribute to a bygone era where settlers risked everything to forge a new frontier. And it’s still breaking barriers in modern industries like information technology and finance. But its heart lies in a glorious past that symbolizes the strength of the American spirit, one that conjures up poetry as vast as the horizon.And in America's Emerging Poets 2018: West Region, 60+ up-and-coming poets—representing the states of Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming—have their chance to do just that. Covering a wide array of topics ranging from love and heartbreak, family and friendship, the inherent beauty of nature, and so much more, these young talents will amaze you. Containing one poem per poet, this anthology is a compelling introduction to the great wordsmiths of tomorrow.

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Colorado's Emerging Writers

Invited Guests

Our "Emerging Writers" publications are part of an experimental series designed to match readers looking for new voices with up-and-coming authors looking to widen their reader base. We like to refer to publications in this series as "sampler platters" of writers and genres, such that readers can quickly and efficiently discover talented authors they may otherwise have never heard of as well as compelling genres they may never have given a shot before. In Colorado's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, Colorado's most promising up-and-coming authors have the chance to share their own words. Covering a wide array of genres ranging from literary fiction to satire, mystery, comedy, science fiction, and more, these young talents will amaze you. Containing one story per writer, this anthology is a compelling introduction to the great wordsmiths of tomorrow.

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High Grade

Strong and Independent Woman &

Advice to My Younger Sister

High Grade is CSM's annual art and literary journal, featuring all genres of original fiction, poetry, photography, art, and music from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We're dedicated to putting the Arts back in STEM, full steam!

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